• Date: 01 February 2016
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Swansea Winners

A dark storm was brewing, but every cloud has a silver lining & with the 12 and under division that silver lining well and truly shone through. Duke Cooper (3rd) battled it out between the rain against Giles Hayward (2nd) and Kieran Woolley (1st) to secure a place on the podium and receive a personal invitation to battle it out at the Australian National Final.

Huge shout out to Liv Lovelace and her super impressive appearance. Liv put on a bangin’ “demo mode” 45 second run & locked down her position in Melbourne for the grand finale!

16s turned out to be a ravenous feeding frenzy, choc full tech-gnar-hammer-bangers! Rowan Davis (3rd) went pedal to the metal against Sam Sutton (2nd), both contestants threw down tech like a calculator but smooth like an operator. Ben Saddleton (1st) landed in a well-deserved top position to take the national qualifier cake, securing a spot on the Melbourne V.I.P invites & scoring some serious bragging rights.

Unfortunately, heavy rain prevailed & the competition came to a halt just before the open division started. Due of the rainout of the open division, we will be providing all the entrants who signed up (see list below) with a wild card entry into the national final on the 12th March. We will be in personal contact with all open riders to see how we can support you getting to Melbourne.

Please note: Due to Bowl-O-Rama on the 20th and the national final fast approaching we want to provide people with as much time to plan and organise a trip down.

Open Wild Cards:

•             Dyllan Simpson
•             Andrew Granger
•             Jay Gee
•             Brendan Hooghuis
•             Sam Saddleton
•             Jamie Goodwin
•             Grant Tait
•             Ryder Lawson
•             Chris Wakeling
•             Joey Cormack
•             Robert Pace

Top 5 placings for completed divisions:

  1. Kieran Wooley
  2. Giles Hayward
  3. Kieran Woolley
  4. Zane Santarossa
  5. Ben Field

  1. Ben Saddleton
  2. Sam Sutton
  3. Rowan Davis
  4. Rhys Andrews
  5. Marley  Rae

  1. Liv Lovelace

Swansea Results Screenshot


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Swansea Winners

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