Bridge Project

YMCA Bridge Project gives members of the community the opportunity to get involved in the rehabilitation process of young offenders by providing them with support, encouragement and a positive relationship.

Help a young person rebuild their life

Many of us have experienced one special person who showed interest, provided direction, support and who showed they cared.

You could be that person.

Bridge Project and mentor

All volunteer opportunities specifically support young offenders who are moving from the youth justice system back into the community. YMCA Bridge Project recruits volunteers to provide leadership, training, mentoring and a job – to give young people a much needed chance.

That’s where you come in. This is your chance as an individual worker to make a real difference in your community.

There are multiple ways to get involved:

  • Workplace mentor
    YMCA Bridge Project Workplace Mentoring program is all about supporting young people to stay in employment.
  • Skilled volunteer
    The Bridge Life-skills, Community Connections builds upon a young person’s life skills and work readiness whilst in custody and in the community.
  • Bridge Community Council Member
    The Bridge Project Community Council provides members of the community the opportunity to provide thought leadership to increase opportunities for vulnerable young people.

It only takes a little time, but it has a big impact. All it takes is:

  • wisdom
  • experience
  • the hand of friendship.

Coming back from the youth justice system is not easy. As a skilled volunteer or mentor, you’ll be making a long-term difference to the life of a vulnerable young person.

Often the best connection to the community comes from a social relationship, outside of the custodial system. The young people we work with need the community and employers to get involved and to provide meaningful opportunities so that they can become valued participants in our community.

Within YMCA Bridge Project, we believe in measuring our impact, assessing our outcomes and delivering the best possible workplace mentoring program. We are committed to being fully accountable and transparent, ensuring outcomes are truly impactful on each young person with whom we work.

By engaging a work mentor or skilled volunteer and a young person in a unique relationship, we build community capacity by providing:

  • leadership opportunities and experience within the workforce
  • measurable, personalised support for vulnerable young people
  • skill development and the chance to stay at work longer
  • an improved sense of self – a connection, an advocate, a friend, a guide, a support
  • reduced rates of re-offending.

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