Australian Skate Park Leagues

About Us

With headquarters at Riverside Skate Park in Melbourne, YMCA Action Sports (YAS) is a not-for profit social enterprise that specialises in the innovation, development and delivery of programs and events at skate parks.

Since 1996 the YMCA has been managing skate parks. For the past 20 years we have been investing in and supporting the Australian Skateboarding community, we do this by working with like-minded organisations to train and employ people so they can deliver programs and events across Australia and the wider Asia pacific region.

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SPL/ ASL Background

In 2007 the League was launched in partnership with the Victorian Skateboard Association as a series of seven interconnected events throughout the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. In 2015/16 the series had grown to consist of 66 interconnected events across Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

As a result of the program’s success, the 2016/17 series will roll out 70+ events throughout the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

In addition to these grassroots events, the YMCA will deliver a ASL national Am series by hosting seven major events that represent six state finals and one national championship.

To our knowledge, The Australian Skateboarding and Skate Park Leagues (SPL & ASL) are be the biggest interconnected Skatepark related skateboarding series in the world.

About The Skate Park Leagues (SPL)

The SPL are community based grass roots events. We are aiming to run 75 of SPL programs across the nation. The SPL are not an exclusive or elitist competition series. The intent behind the SPL is to celebrate Skate Park culture and the community by bringing people together around a civic event.

Participants build up points through participating in multiple events and the top 3 from each state (skateboarding only) get an invite to participate in the National Final in Melbourne in March 2017.

The aim of the SPL is to have fun and provide young people with multiple opportunities for engagement, and to develop skateboarding skills in a competitive environment. These programs are typically funded and supported through VSA, YMCA, government and community partnerships.

About the Australian Skateboarding League (ASL)

The ASL is a nationwide amateur skateboarding series. We aim to hold one event in each state, these events work as the state qualifiers for the National Final in Melbourne in March 2017 (top 5 from each ASL state qualifiers division are invited to the final). We and give away prize money to the open winners (aged 15+).These programs are typically funded and supported through VSA, YMCA and industry sponsorship.