School groups

Riverslide Skate Park has a variety of options for schools where students can learn to skate, scoot or BMX in a safe and friendly environment.

The YMCA crew at Riverslide offer schools a unique opportunity to teach students how to skate in a safe and controlled environment.

Why choose us?

Experienced and qualified instructors conduct one hour sessions with the aim to build confidence and self-esteem within school groups as individuals learn how to skate.

Our coaches are accredited by the Australian Sports Commission and are experienced and passionate in their sports. All instructors have the appropriate Working with Children and Police Checks, and are certified in First Aid.

Equipment including skateboards, helmets, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards is provided.

Book your school session and give your students a new and exciting experience.

School Group and Holiday Program Bookings

• $12 per person (Min 10 people per hour)

• $9 per person (Min 20 people per hour)

For services extending outside of our parks, prices will change. If you would like skateboard lessons held at your school please email for a quote, or call (03) 9663 0495.

If you are looking to have a session at your school, please note that they can only be held on smooth and flat areas such as basketball courts.